[texhax] LaTeX font size question

David C. Walden dave at walden-family.com
Fri Nov 18 19:28:10 CET 2005


> >Could you provide a little more details for those of us who hasn't read 
> Kopka and Daly.

It lists
\tiny = 5pt, \scriptsize = 7pt, \footnotesize = 8pt, \small = 9pt, 
\normalsize = 10pt,
\large = 12pt, \Large = 14.4 pt, \LARGE = 17.28pt, \huge = 20.74pt, \Huge = 
for when 10pt has been selected as the basic size option with things scaling
accordingly when 11pt or 12pt is chosen.

> >BTW: the size, that, say, \small uses, is normally defined/or redefined 
> by the documentclass.

Thank you.

Another answer I have received is that "I think the mapping is really a 
but most packages don't change them."


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