[texhax] Thanks to help me !

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|=> Dear Sir,
|=> I am Dr. Issawi From :
|=> Bureau de Mathematique-Univesite Lusc-5,
|=> i have to sent my research papers to internationnal 
|=> journals to publish them as soon as possible....
|=> But i should send the paper in LaTeX format ...
|=> All my papers are typed in MS-Word(Mac-Version)... and i am 
|=> in level ZERO in LaTeX ...
|=> Please advise me what to do so i can transfer the paper in 
|=> few time and Not to Start Learning LaTeX from Zero ...
|=> Many Thanks in advance ....

I have found that the commercial program Word2Tex works reasonably
well.  This program was discussed in the last 2 issues of the PracTeX
journal.  see






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