[texhax] Thanks to help me !

Dieter Meinert DMeinert at RosenInspection.net
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 one of the most simple, anrd to my experience most reliable ways to get

 from word to LaTeX is to export the word doc into plain text (.txt, not

 annotated) and add the relevant LaTeX tags as required by the journal. 

 To get the latter try to get an example article for the journal in
 format and replace the exampler texts by yours.

 The problem are math texts and equations - latex's best feature. You
 have to retype them in latex commands to get the best of it. But these
 quite intuitive. Examples and instructions may be found on the Web, 
 especially on your nearest CTAN mirror (try http://www.CTAN.org/ or 

 Of course there are several more or less sophisticated translator
 around (free and commercial), but they suffer from the same problems.

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|=> i have to sent my research papers to internationnal 
|=> journals to publish them as soon as possible....
|=> But i should send the paper in LaTeX format ...
|=> All my papers are typed in MS-Word(Mac-Version)... and i am 
|=> in level ZERO in LaTeX ...
|=> Please advise me what to do so i can transfer the paper in 
|=> few time and Not to Start Learning LaTeX from Zero ...
|=> Many Thanks in advance ....
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