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Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Tue Nov 15 00:04:44 CET 2005

At 12:34 11.11.05, Peter Flom wrote:

>Uwe Lück <uwe.lueck at web.de> 11/10/05 4:36 PM wrote
>I admit that I sometimes realize that I have been badly
>trained concerning certain standards, not expecting
>that my behaviour could be interpreted as unfriendly.
>I am even surprised to read that Robin was rude at me.
>I just wondered that he kept overlooking ... and insisted ...
>I admit that I sometimes wonder whether I am too stupid
>to sense hostility or others are paranoic. (`too stupid':
>in German there is the expression `sonniges Gemüt',
>maybe to be translated `sunny mind'.)
> >>>
>There is certainly a lot of  variation in what might be called 'expected 
>politeness'  - some of this is cultural, some personal.  A list like this 
>has a culture.  But it has members from many different cultures, 
>presumably all over the world.  So, a certain degree of disagreement is 
>probably inevitable.

Thanks for these wise words ... and regarding what


(Martin Schröder's link) tells on rudeness and politeness,
the main cultures clashing here seem to be the "hacker"
culture and civilization ... ;-)


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