[texhax] Rotating package

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Tue Nov 15 17:27:52 CET 2005

JQ Sun :

> Hi,
>  I got into a difficult problem with rotating package.
>  I wrote some small samples with eps figures and long tables. Only pdflatex
> works fine. Pdflatex, however, messed up all my eps figures in a much larger
> file (a book of mine). TrueTeX or MiKTeX could not handle the rotation of
> tables, but treat the figures ok.
>  Any suggestions to get around with this problem? By that I mean, do you
> know a LaTeX compiler that is compatible to eps files and rotating package
> and produces .dvi files?
>  Many thanks. JQ Sun

did you by any change preview the dvi-file instead of converting the 
dvi-file to PS and preview that?

AFAIR the effect of rotating is only seen in the end-file-format, i.e. PS 
or PDF. When using it with LaTeX it relies on dvips to do the actual 


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