[texhax] list etiquette [was: flow chart in LaTeX]

John Palmer johnp at palmyra.uklinux.net
Sun Nov 13 10:26:48 CET 2005

I agree with Reinhard, basically, but surely a distinction can be made
between those "relative beginners" who post questions because they have
just discovered this list and have hopes that some kind person will help
them out, and those who post various questions /repeatedly/ when they
really should by now have discovered the wealth of information that is
already there for the taking on the Net and in books ?

That is, questions like the one about flowcharts are entirely in order (so
far I agree with Reinhard) but people who persistently post to the list
/rather than/ take the trouble to RTFM may be warned politely that they
could save trouble both for themselves and for the kind people on this 
list ?

John Palmer
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