[texhax] OzTex 3.1 programming problem, help!

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Wed Nov 9 20:09:09 CET 2005

At 19:45 04.11.05, vince croxson wrote:

>             Trying to get to grips with Latex and I am   using  'OzTex 
> 3.1' , on a old macintosh ( a performa).
>I am writing The Latex programme after opening ' Alpha 7.1 f '. and the 
>Typesetting using OzTex.
>According to my Latex Manual  it should be possible, after creating
>a DVI file, to create a pdf file. the programme is;

Besides what others have contributed:
According to what I know and have experienced,
pdf files made from dvi files look very bad and are
not searchable. It is better to use pdftex/pdfetex/pdflatex
directly. Indeed I myself stick to very outdated TeX installations,
but when I have finished something and make it public,
I use some pdflatex installations to which I have access.

   Uwe Lueck.

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