[texhax] Citation style in LaTeX

Ian Watson i.watson at econ.usyd.edu.au
Tue Nov 8 03:06:15 CET 2005

Dear texhax,

  I'm trying to get a particular citation style in the text of a
  document. At present I get Smith (1999, p.6) and would like to get
  Smith (1999:6). I am using natbib, with a hacked bbl file which I
  used makebst to construct. After LaTeXing the dbj file produced by
  makebst I've hacked some of the minor changes I needed in the bbl
  file (eg. vol to Vol) but can't seem to find how to change the
  citation style (in either the dbj or the bbl files).

  It's not always clear with makebst (or the bbl files for that
  matter) when you are dealing with the in-text citation part of a
  reference and the reference-list part. I don't want to alter the
  current reference-list part eg. pp.174--88, but I do want to alter
  the in-text citation eg. not have pp. but rather have :

  Any clues would be most appreciated. I've dipped into "A BibTEX Guide
  via Examples" by Ki-Joo Kim but can't seem to work this one out.

Kind regards, 

Ian Watson
Senior Researcher
acirrt, University of Sydney
NSW, 2006, Australia

phone: 02 9351 5622
email:i.watson at econ.usyd.edu.au

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