[texhax] Orphan section heads

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Tue Nov 8 02:16:41 CET 2005

Hi all ... or to whom ...,

attached is a (quite, yet not exactly minimal) example of
an "orphan" section head, accompanied with further
explanations. (Minimal at least in the sense that no
.sty file is loaded, there is only the standard article.cls.)
Included is as well a standard report to the LaTeX Bug
Database, in case somebody is willing to proof-read it.
I am much more anxious not to submit any nonsense
to the LaTeX Bug Database than to texhax ...

It seems to me that "orphan" has not been the adequate


At 20:59 28.10.05, Chris Rowley wrote:

>I had assumed someone had already sent in a bug report.
>Morten H reads texhax and he would know; or you can look at the database.
>I am not getting mailings about this right now.
> > >
> > > It might be a subject for LaTeX as well; yet someone
> > > who makes subsection headings embedded is
> > > particularly obliged to deal with the problem (IMHO).
> > >
> > > The best that comes to my mind is a user version
> > > of \@afterheading to be used when one knowingly
> > > starts a \@trivlist after an embedded heading:
> > > \makeatletter
> > > \let\stayhereyoubloodytrivlist\@afterheading
> > > \makeatother
> > >
> > > Or even: \@xsect uses \@nobreaktrue in any case,
> > > and \@nobreakfalse starts its \everypar assignment!?

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