[texhax] Unexpected Warnings with Ctable Package

Chris Yocum cyocum at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 16:15:42 CET 2005

     I have some tables for a handout on Classical Gaelic (aka Early
Modern Irish) that I am doing for a class.  A few of them have
footnotes attached (there is a minimal example at the end).  After
reading the FAQ and other resources, I decided to use the ctable
package to see if I could get it to solve my problem.  It seems to
work fine but I am getting these warnings:

Package array Warning: Column X is already defined on input line 226.
Package array Warning: Column X is already defined on input line 226.
Package tabularx Warning: X Columns too narrow (table too wide)
(tabularx) on input line 226.

I looked in tabularx's documentation and I saw that: "the widths of
the `normal' columns of the table already total more than the
requested total width."  I did not set a width initally and I thought
that ctable would only use tabularx if I specified a width.  Later, I
set a width to 100 mm and that got rid of the last warning and that
looks OK but I do not want to be forced to set a width for each and
every table (there are lots of grammar tables).  Is there a way to
avoid having to explicitly set a width?   Also, is there something
that I can do about the first two warnings?
     I would appreciate any help that you may provide.
     Here is a minimal example (any and all criticism would be welcome).



\ctable[caption={Classical Gaelic o-stem (fear)}, pos=H]{l c c}
	\tnote[a]{Prose fear w/o nasalization}
	\tnote[b]{Prose does not bother with the acc. pl.}
}{& Sing & Pl \NN
nom & fear & fir\textsuperscript{L} \NN
voc & a fhir\textsuperscript{L} & a fheara \NN
acc & (fear\textsuperscript{N})\tmark[a] & feara\tmark[b] \NN
gen & fir\textsuperscript{L} & fear\textsuperscript{N} \NN
dat & (fear) & fearaibh/(fir\textsuperscript{L}) \LL


Thank You,
Chris Yocum

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