Fwd: Re: [texhax] How to instal fonts in MikTeX?

Juan M Alberdi juanalberdi at euskalnet.net
Thu Mar 31 16:59:57 CEST 2005

> Dear all,
> I want to convert a PS font to MikTeX fonts.
> Thanks,
> G. Raja

I'm doing it these days and I'm using the fontinst package. It takes a
while to learn how to do it, and hardly two installations happen to be
identical. That's due to the differences usually found in the font
composition, encoding, etc in the files I'm trying to install. I started
reading the tutorial by Philipp Lehman, then the several examples at the
fontinst documentation, and the fontinst package documentation itself. I
haven't tried instaling math fonts, that seems to be a different matter.
The mentioned documentation is all in the MiKTeX distribution, and be sure
it takes a lot of time and patience.


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