[texhax] Need help

BRØçKªQµæñTìFìêR·®RG brock at quantifier.org
Sat Mar 19 14:53:48 CET 2005

Hi.  If there's not an abundance of mathematical symbols and tables and
figures and such, learning LaTeX will not take you much time at all,
especially if you have access to a machine which is currently running
LaTeX (such as a unix server at a university).

If your paper is simple, any short tutorial should get you where you need
to go in a few hours.  If not, I think it's a valuable skill, but I wish
you luck finding help elsewhere.


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On Fri, 18 Mar 2005 pavlopoulos at cox.net wrote:

> Gentleman:
> I have submitted a paper for publication to a scientific journal located in England in form of a floppy disk (Microsoft Windows-XP Home Addition).
> However, I was advised that this was unacceptable, a Latex format was required. For time reasons, I am reluctant to learn this technique.
> Is there any way I can mail (contact) someone who can transform my text into the LaTax format? I am willing to pay for this effort. My paper is only 16 pages (double-spaced) long.
> Many thanks.
> Regards,
> Ted Pavlopoulos
> (619) 222-9125

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