[texhax] LaTeX editors

Konstantin Karapetyan texnic at photonica.ru
Sat Mar 19 07:29:45 CET 2005


It may sound funny, but I have never worked with XEmacs. I have emacs
installed on my system to make hyperlatex work, but as for everything
that's come directly from UNIX I can't say I like its interface. It
reminds me of using internet before web appeared :) Therefore I even
didn't try to edit LaTeX with it. 

However I haven't seen XEmacs. I have looked through its pages now,
and it seems to be quite nice. Besides, there's a nice page regarding
LaTeX at http://www.math.umn.edu/~aoleg/emacs/latex.shtml. The
fptex.org site is not really very informative, many pages are under
construction and I wonder if the project is still on. But anyway, I 
don't need it, and will try the XEmacs.

Thank you very much!


>     edit html with it: it cleverly suggests the commands while I type and
>     their arguments. I also find brackets highlighting extremely
>     useful---and think this would be even more useful with LaTeX's braces,
>     and dollars and lefts and rights and begins and ends. 

>     If anybody knows or will learn of such interactive editing possibility
>     with LaTeX---please drop a line for me on this list!

> Well, not to belabor the obvious, but Emacs can do all that (and a lot
> more).  It's had a GUI interface as well as its infamous keyboard
> commands for some time, although I doubt it's possible to work entirely
> through the GUI.

> For Windows, the XEmacs variant might be more advanced, since that's
> what Fabrice chose to work with for his xemtex distribution
> (http://fptex.org/xemtex).

> You've probably already tried it, just thought I'd mention it :).

> karl

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