[texhax] LaTeX editors

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Mar 18 22:42:56 CET 2005

    edit html with it: it cleverly suggests the commands while I type and
    their arguments. I also find brackets highlighting extremely
    useful---and think this would be even more useful with LaTeX's braces,
    and dollars and lefts and rights and begins and ends. 

    If anybody knows or will learn of such interactive editing possibility
    with LaTeX---please drop a line for me on this list!

Well, not to belabor the obvious, but Emacs can do all that (and a lot
more).  It's had a GUI interface as well as its infamous keyboard
commands for some time, although I doubt it's possible to work entirely
through the GUI.

For Windows, the XEmacs variant might be more advanced, since that's
what Fabrice chose to work with for his xemtex distribution

You've probably already tried it, just thought I'd mention it :).


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