[texhax] LaTeX editors

Konstantin Karapetyan texnic at photonica.ru
Fri Mar 18 19:41:41 CET 2005


I have looked at latexeditor and can recommend it---just like TXC.
Personally, I see two advantages: it occupies less space on the screen
and I like the current line highlighting. So it looks nice. What I
dislike from the very beginning is how it treats warnings and errors
and the absence of help.

Still, I really want to find in some program what Studio does when I
edit html with it: it cleverly suggests the commands while I type and
their arguments. I also find brackets highlighting extremely
useful---and think this would be even more useful with LaTeX's braces,
and dollars and lefts and rights and begins and ends. 

If anybody knows or will learn of such interactive editing possibility
with LaTeX---please drop a line for me on this list!

Thanks again for help!

Happy TeXing!

> Hi Konstantin,

>     TeXnicCenter, and I am quite happy with it, though auto completion
>     would have been a wonderful addition.
>     [...]
>     Apropos, does anybody know of some plug-in for MS Visual Studio for
>     LaTeX support? Googling didn't help.

> Have you looked at latexeditor?  I don't know if either of the above are
> in there, but the author says he started with texniccenter and added a
> bunch of features.
> http://www.ntu.edu.sg/home5/pg03053527/latexeditor/

> Just thought I'd mention it.  (I've never used it myself.)

> karl

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