[texhax] LaTeX editors

Konstantin Karapetyan texnic at photonica.ru
Fri Mar 18 07:22:18 CET 2005

Thank everybody for replies!

> Emacs with AucTeX, I'm sure winedt and winshell can too (perhaps not as
> elegant as Emacs, but as an Emacs users I'm quite biased).

> Which editor are you using now?

TeXnicCenter, and I am quite happy with it, though auto completion
would have been a wonderful addition.

I have considered VimLaTeX---and it confirmed my old opinion: I don't
know any projects ported from Linux/UNIX which look nice at Windows :(
I have not very much experience with them though, but admit for
example that there is something in MiKTeX which makes it popular on
Win (I wonder if any usage statistics exists?).

Apropos, does anybody know of some plug-in for MS Visual Studio for
LaTeX support? Googling didn't help.


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