[texhax] Shorthand for gather*

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Thu Mar 17 17:40:59 CET 2005

Johan Glimming :

> Hi,
> Is there a way of creating a nice shorthand for
> \begin{gather*}
> ...
> \end{gather*}
> such as
> \blab
> ...
> \elab
> ?
> I have done this with \ba and \ea for array, but for some reason gather* gave 
> me an error message here.
> Med vänliga hälsningar / Yours Sincerely,
> Johan Glimming

AFAIK no. Due to the implementation used inside amsmath these need to be 
used in full (might be that it's looking for \end{gather*}), or at least I 
think that's how it is for align

You should use a better editor instead, one that can insert the \begin/end 
pair directly without too much typing.

It's also easier to read the source code when e.g. a formula is written


instead of


I assume you have had these shorthands for \begin/end{eqnarray} ??? which 
is quite often seen.



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