[texhax] Exact lengths

Ian.Collier at comlab.ox.ac.uk Ian.Collier at comlab.ox.ac.uk
Wed Mar 9 18:15:01 CET 2005

stefan at raggmunk.nu writes:
>Is there a way to round a calculated length (for example 118.79715pt) to 
>an equal number of picas (that is, 10 picas or 120pt)?

\newdimen \mydimenA              % temporary registers
\newdimen \mydimenB
\newcount \mycountA

\mydimenA=118.79715pt             % the input
\mydimenB=1pc                     % the unit length

\newlinechar=10 \message {Old value = \the\mydimenA ^^J}

\advance\mydimenA by 0.5\mydimenB %(if you want it rounded to nearest integer)
\divide\mydimenA by \mydimenB
\mycountA=\mydimenA               % this is the number of picas you want
\mydimenA=\mycountA\mydimenB      % this is the rounded dimension you want

\message {New value = \the\mydimenA ^^J}
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