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Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Wed Mar 9 00:40:20 CET 2005

Hello Ivan,

On 09/03/2005, at 9:22 AM, Ivan Ivanov wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> I am using listings package in order to input some C/C++ source file
> in my latex documents and I had no problems using listings package.
> But now when I am trying to convert my latex documents to html with
> latex2html I am failing to generate correctly the C/C++ sources in the
> html files. For example, I am inluding my sources in my latex files
> with the command
> \lstinputlisting[language=C, showstringspaces=false,
>     breaklines=true, breakatwhitespace=true]{../src/ch2/errortype.c}
> The above command is treated literally by latex2html and the output in
> the html files is:
> [language=C, showstringspaces=false, breaklines=true,
> breakatwhitespace=true]../src/ch2/errortype.c

No Perl coding has been written to support the commands defined
in the  listings  package.

However, there is code to support  \verbatiminput  from the {verbatim}

So all you need to do is recast the expansion of \lstinputlisting
to use \verbatiminput  when processing your document with LaTeX2HTML.

Do this by adding code to your document's preamble:

\usepackage{html}   %  *always* load this for LaTeX2HTML

> I am sure I use listings packagew correctly since when my latex files
> are compiled to dvi, the C code from my source are printed correctly
> in the dvi file.
> Could you please help me in configuring latex2html?

As above, within your document.

Alternatively ...

  ... it is also possible to write a little bit of Perl to achieve
the same effect. This could be placed in your  .latex2html-init
file, to be available for many documents.

With a bit more effort, you could write a short .perl file
and add it to your LaTeX2HTML installation.
There is one already that could be used as a model:


Note that you need to catch the options [....] part,
and discard this.

Even better would be to parse the options and devise
more complicated Perl coding to create "pretty-printed"
markup. However HTML is not good at doing this, while
also respecting spaces/indents in a code listing,
so it's probably not worth the effort.

> Reagrds and thank you in advance

Hope this helps,

	Ross Moore

> Ivan Ivanov
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