[texhax] Using other colors than black in monochrome bitmap pictures

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Thu Mar 3 22:31:38 CET 2005

>>>>> "Stefan" == Stefan Björk <stefan at raggmunk.nu> writes:

  > I have a monochrome TIFF picture that, according to a typography
  > manual that I try to follow, should be typeset with "6%
  > black". That is, the black colour of my monochrome TIFF picture
  > should be light gray.

  > Converting to a grey-scaled TIFF and then to EPS is obvious, but
  > with the drawback that both the TIFF and EPS files grows
  > significantly and later processing by GhostScript is slower. I
  > guess this is due to the increased color depth that is needed for
  > grey-scaled images.

To convert bitmaps to eps/pdf you should try Peter Szabo's sam2p.


sam2p produces incredible small files without loss of quality and is
amazingly fast.

  > I guess there must be a better way? Is it possible to specify the
  > two colors used by a monochrome TIFF or EPS file? Can it even be
  > handled from within LaTeX? Or can I patch the TIFF/EPS file?

I don't think you can patch the eps file.  There is a function in
PostScript called settransfer, which defines the transfer function.

As far as I recall it doesn't work with included bitmaps, but you can
try to insert something like

  { 1 exch sub } settransfer

into the eps file before the bitmap is defined.  If it works, the
graphic should be inverted.


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