[texhax] Multicols is not enough

Johan Glimming glimming at kth.se
Wed Mar 2 15:51:01 CET 2005

> is it possible for you to give us an example of the code you're using, 
> to me it sould like there might be better ways to do this.

Yes, I am using the mathparir package like this:


   \inference[Type Object] % Inference is a wrapper around \inferrule
     {$\ell_i$ distinct, $\upsilon_i\in\{{}^\circ,{}^-,{}^+$\}}
     {\TXGv \tau_i\Free{X^+} \\ i\in I}
     {\Theta\vdash \ObjectVType}



This divides the page into equally spaced columns. I would like to use 
array, but force the array to take all of the width of the page, and 
justify the columns accordingly (with equal extra space on each side of 
each column).

Johan Glimming.

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