[texhax] TUGboat 25(2) to be shipped shortly

Mimi Burbank mimi at csit.fsu.edu
Thu Jun 30 20:44:42 CEST 2005

The bluelines for this issue of TUGboat were sent to the 
printer this date.  Shipping should take place in around
10 days. 

Mimi Burbank
(for the TUGboat production team)

                 Volume 25, Number 2                    2004

General Delivery
   Karl Berry
      From the president                                        123
   Barbara Beeton
      Editorial comments                                        124
    New TUGboat submission and posting policies;
      Justin Howes, 1963--2005; John Seybold, 1916--2004;
      Word Hy-phen-a-tion by Com-pu-ter;
      Error in TUGboat 24:2 Zapfino article;
      Historic LaTeX distributions;
      The LaTeX Companion, 2nd edition;
      techexplorer available once again;
      Central European diacritics: TYPO Magazine;
      Extra time? Proofread for Project Gutenberg

   Jim Hefferon
        CTAN for starters                                       126
   Steve Peter starttext: Practical ConTeXt                     128
   Thomas Schmitz
        Virtual fonts -- a tutorial                             131

   Peter Flynn
        Typographers' Inn                                       134

   Claudio Beccari and Cristiano Pulone
      Philological facilities for the Coptic script             136
   Azzeddine Lazrek
       RyDArab -- Typesetting Arabic mathematical expressions   141

Software & Tools
   Scott Pakin
      PerlTeX: Defining LaTeX macros using Perl                 150
   Siep Kroonenberg
        TeX and prepress                                        159
   Marcelo Castier and Vladimir F. Cabral
      Automatic typesetting of formulas using computer algebra  166

   Andrew D. Hwang
      ePiX: A utility for creating mathematically 
        accurate figures                                        172

   Jerry Hagon
        LaTeX in 3D: OpenDX annotations                         177

   Massimiliano Dominici
      dramatist: Another package for typesetting 
        drama with LaTeX                                        188
   Simon Law
        Variable width boxes in LaTeX                           193

   Hendri Adriaens and Uwe Kern
       xkeyval -- new developments and mechanisms in key
       processing                                               194
   David Walden
        A non-expert looks at a small TeX macro                 199

Hints & Tricks
   Peter Wilson
      Glisterings: Package/package and class/package clashes    201
   Mark LaPlante
        The treasure chest                                      203

   Zpravodaj: Contents of issues 13(1), 14(1), 14(2)
         (2003--04)                                             209
   Die TeX nische Komodie: Contents of issues 1--4/2003         210
   Biuletyn GUST: Contents of issues 20--21 (2004)              213
   Les Cahiers GUTenberg: Contents of issue 43 (2003)           215
   MAPS: Contents of issues 29--31 (2003--04)                   216

News & Announcements
   Calendar                                                     221
   Onofrio de Bari and Maurizio Himmelmann
      A brief report on the first GuIT meeting                  223
       TUG 2005 announcement                                    223

TUG Business
   Karl Berry and Kaja Christiansen
      TeX Development Fund 2003--05 report                      224
   Robin Laakso
        Financial statements for 2004                           226
   Barbara Beeton
        TUG 2005 election report                                228
       Institutional members                                    232

      TeX consulting and production services                    232


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