[texhax] Re: paper size in pdflatex

Sebastian Luque spluque at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 00:55:17 CEST 2005

Well, I found the what the problem was. xpdf uses whatever is in
/etc/papersize as default (a4 in my case) for printing, and 'man xpdfrc'

,-----[ *Man xpdfrc* (lines: 130 - 140) ]
|        psPaperSize width(pts) height(pts)
|               Sets the paper size for PostScript output.  The width and  height  parameters  give
|               the paper size in PostScript points.
|        psPaperSize letter | legal | A4 | A3 | match
|               Sets  the  paper  size for PostScript output to a standard size.  The default paper
|               size is set when xpdf and pdftops are built, typically to "letter" or  "A4".   This
|               can  also be set to "match", which will set the paper size to match the size speci-
|               fied in the PDF file.

so putting the line:

psPaperSize match

in ~/.xpdfrc solved the problem.

Sebastian P. Luque

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