[texhax] italics

Florian Knorn floz at gmx.de
Sun Jun 26 14:44:56 CEST 2005

hey there !

a question that was buggering me for quite some time now, and made me 
wonder why that wasn't happening automatically (or is it just me?) is 
the followin:

is there a way of having maths set in \mathit if the surrounding text is 
of \itshape ?

in my document, i have decided to typeset all captions and theorems, 
definitions, etc. in \itshape. however, whenever mathematical stuff 
occurs, like $n=2(A+1)$, at least the numbers as well as parentheses and 
greek letters do net get typeset in mathit, which makes the whole thing 
look odd (like if the 'n' and 'A' is italic, but the '1', the '2' and 
the parentheses are upright --- and i just love the little curl of the 
italic '2'...).

my current work around is using


    \newcommand{\capm}[1]{$\mathit{#1}$} % for math in captions

but i reckon this solution is too "manual" and the parentheses are also 
still upright.

so is there a way of having mathematical contents typset in italic if 
the surrounding text is italic ?

thanks for your help !


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