[texhax] Problem with slide titles in prosper

Ian Watson i.watson at econ.usyd.edu.au
Sun Jun 26 07:16:25 CEST 2005

Dear listers,

  I'm using the Prosper class to produce PDF slides for presentations.
  I am using overlays, as well as plain slides and everything is
  working well except for an occasional glitch, the logic of which I
  cannot work out.

  Some slides lose their titles, but it seems to be erratic.

  a) sometimes they lose them altogether (on a plain slide, for
  b) with an overlay, sometimes the title goes onto the second page
  in the set and is missing from the first slide
  c) removing some of the pages which come before the slide with the
  missing title can sometimes restore the missing title, but there
  does not appear to be anything systematic in this

  Needless to say, there is nothing different in the syntax of the
  slides with missing titles. (They after often just cut and pasted
  from a slide above with a few minor adjustments.)

  My own suspicion is that something earlier in the sequence is
  surfacing at a particular point in the presentation, and affecting
  the slide at that point. Perhaps a counter of some sort getting
  confused. But I can't seem to find any clues to pursue.

  I am using MikTex 2.4 and Prosper dated 30mar2003. (I have tried also
  using the HA-prosper package but this does not compile correctly.)
  The only other packages I'm using are:
  \usepackage{amsmath, amsfonts, amsbsy, pstricks, pst-node, pst-text, pst-3d}

  Any hints as to how I should try to track down this anomaly would be
  much appreciated.
Kind regards, 

Ian Watson
Senior Researcher
acirrt, University of Sydney
NSW, 2006, Australia

phone: 02 9351 5622
email:i.watson at econ.usyd.edu.au

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