[texhax] TeX-MathType comparison

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Fri Jun 24 14:44:47 CEST 2005

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>>> "Boris" <klioboris at rambler.ru> 6/23/2005 5:51:55 PM >>> wrote
Dear sirs,
would you be so kind of answering my question?
 I have to type a large-size text on quantum physics with a lot of
    math formulas. Which is really better ( I mean simplicity and
    facilities) TeX in one of its forms, or MathType for Windows? 
    anybody compared them? Practically I'm not aquainted with both of
With respect
klioboris at rambler.ru 

Finally a TeXhax question I can answer :-)

LaTeX is superior.  

In terms of output quality, there is no comparison: LaTeX blows
MathType out of the water.  In terms of control by the user, again,
LaTeX wins hands down.

In terms of ease of use: It depends, to a degree, what you are used to.
 If you are used to neither, I would devote my time to LaTeX.  I would
say LaTeX has a steeper learning curve, but it leads to a much MUCH
higher peak.

I had to write a bunch of complex equations using MathType and Word;
that experience led to my starting to learn LaTeX.  The only reason I
can think of for using MathType is if someone insists on Word.  If you
are writing a physics text, I doubt this is the case.



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