[texhax] Fonts: non-standard sizes of Type1 CM fonts for dvi output?

Benjamin Deutsch Benjamin.Deutsch at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Fri Jun 24 11:45:56 CEST 2005


I've been playing around with "non-standard" font sizes in LaTeX, i.e.
in an attempt to reach "in between" font sizes. Now, if I use 
the sizes are calculated correctly, and both the .dvi file and the 
subsequent .ps show all selected sizes.

However, using the Computer Modern font does not seem to work as well. I 
checked the TeX FAQ, but all it gave me were instructions for using a Type1 
CM font (bluesky) with dvips. I have bluesky installed, and the .ps file uses 
nicely scaling fonts, so they're available at that stage. Before dvips, 
however, latex itself substitutes font sizes since it seems to have no idea 
that CM is (now) a scalable, vector-based font. 

Is there a way to achieve this? Is there an equivalent package to times.sty, 
only for CM? Or would I have to create additional font description files by 

Thanks for your time,

  Benjamin Deutsch

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