[texhax] hypenated references

Philip Ratcliffe philip.ratcliffe at email.it
Wed Jun 22 00:18:23 CEST 2005

> when I cite multiple references like
> \cite{abc90,xyz02, pqr04}, I want it to appear as
> [12-14] rather than [12,13,14]. Is there any simple
> way to do this.

Like Robin says, the simplest is:


> PS:currently the only external package i am using is
> graphics, hyperref. i would prefer not using any other
> package since that screws up the 'list of references'
> layout. for eg if i use natbib, the the multilined
> references is also double spaced when i want it single spaced.

This is not my expereience; I've often used natbib and hyperref together
with no strange effects on the spacing - indeed, to my knowledge, natbib
doesn't do anything specific to the bibliography layout.  A minimal example
might help.

Cordialmente,  Phil Ratcliffe

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