[texhax] \pdfoutput

Konstantin Karapetyan texnic at photonica.ru
Sat Jun 18 09:34:13 CEST 2005

You should use \ifnum\pdfoutput > 0. Here is the definition I use in
my style file:

\else\ifnum\pdfoutput > 0\PDFtrue

Example of use:



Happy TeXing!


> I would like to ask whether the following checking is correct.

> [tex]
> \newif\ifpdf 
> \ifx\pdfoutput\undefined\relax\else\ifnum\pdfoutput=1\relax\pdftrue\fi\fi
> [/tex]

> I mean that whether using "\ifnum\pdfoutput=1" gives the best result? Or we
> must use "\ifnum\pdfoutput>1" ??

> Thank you for reply.

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