[texhax] \vline and fat column rules

Philip G. Ratcliffe philip.ratcliffe at uninsubria.it
Wed Jun 15 16:25:17 CEST 2005

Post a -small- minimal example and I'll have a look.

Cordialmente,  Phil Ratcliffe

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> Hi,
> > Click on TeX FAQ below, type array in the keyword search box
> and then select
> >
> >  • The thickness of rules in LaTeX tables
> >
> > That should help.
> first of all, thanks for your kind answer, but unfortunately your hint
> did not help me a lot, neither did the documentation of the booktabs
> package. I know how to alter the width of vertical and hoirzontal
> rules, and I know how to embed this stuff into the \hline and \cline
> commands. But there's one problem, I use the \multicolumn-command
> serveral times, and to attain vertical rules (I decided to use
> vertical rules even despite of some layout rules propagating the
> opposite) in combination with \multicolumn one needs \vline. As
> already mentioned I also managed to embed the rule-width-stuff into my
> \vline-command, but the vertical rule created with my speical version
> of the \vline-command is shifted a little bit to the left and is not
> in flush with the rest of the vertical rule. Is there a way to solve
> this problem at all? I was not able to figure this out from the TeX
> FAQ.
> Thanks in advance and sorry if my foregoing question was not
> precise enough.
> Ciao, Fabian

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