[texhax] Special layout of bibliography items

Alan Litchfield alan at alphabyte.co.nz
Mon Jun 13 23:31:20 CEST 2005


Sorry, just picked up on this thread.

The layout you describe looks a lot like APA to me. Is that what you want?

If it is use apacite (this conforms the APA 5th style requirements, but lacks
decent electronic source formats):


Alternatively natbib provides a range of styles that may fit the bill. Some
people prefer to use it instead of the APA styles.


> Philip Ohnewein wrote:
>> Hello everybody on this list,
>> I am almost sure my question is fairly easy - but since I've spent the
>> whole day trying to get it working (unsuccessfully), here is my question:
>> I am trying to create a bibliography without any information written  in
>> brackets before an item starts. Rather, I would like to have the  items
>> displayed with - say 1em - of negative paragraph indentation  (for the
>> first line only). I.e., instead of displaying it like this
>> [1] Aaronsen, B. (1995) A very interesting book.
>> I need to have the following:
>> Aaronsen, B. (1995) A very interesting book. More information....
>>          More information about the same Aaronsen's book
>> New Author (1998) Nothing special.
>>          More information about New Author's book
>> Can anybody please tell me what I need to do. I already tried to
>> \renewcommand the \@bibitem, but I was unable to achieve the above
>> result.

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