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Eduardo Klein eklein at usb.ve
Mon Jun 13 16:30:13 CEST 2005


Try custom-bib, a package with a program (makebst.tex) that allows you 
to change almost every aspect of the BiBTEX style files. It could be 
hard to fiddle around the almost 70 questions, but the results are 


Regards, EKS

Philip Ohnewein wrote:

> Hello everybody on this list,
> I am almost sure my question is fairly easy - but since I've spent the 
> whole day trying to get it working (unsuccessfully), here is my question:
> I am trying to create a bibliography without any information written 
> in brackets before an item starts. Rather, I would like to have the 
> items displayed with - say 1em - of negative paragraph indentation 
> (for the first line only). I.e., instead of displaying it like this
> [1] Aaronsen, B. (1995) A very interesting book.
> I need to have the following:
> Aaronsen, B. (1995) A very interesting book. More information....
>          More information about the same Aaronsen's book
> New Author (1998) Nothing special.
>          More information about New Author's book
> Can anybody please tell me what I need to do. I already tried to 
> \renewcommand the \@bibitem, but I was unable to achieve the above 
> result.
> Thanks a lot for your help!
> Philip
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