[texhax] Words overflowing the margins

Dr R. Hasson R.Hasson at open.ac.uk
Mon Jun 13 10:59:40 CEST 2005

At 12:21 11/06/2005 +0200, Nicolás wrote:
>I hope you can help me. I am writing a document with LaTex2e where I 
>have words like "ssr:ServiceSessionRequest" or 
>"requesterSessionManager". LaTeX is sometimes writing this words 
>partially in the margin. I do not really want to hyphenate them 
>(although I have tried and it does not work either), so how could I tell 
>latex to write the whole word in the following line and justify the 
>paragraph? Thanks a lot!

You could try \newline or \linebreak before the long word. In this case latex
will try its best to justify the paragraph. As Peter says it will probably
awful (large interword spaces), but it might be acceptable if there are a
lot of
lines preceeding the long word in the paragraph.


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