[texhax] Creating a colored design on a title page

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Thu Jun 9 11:55:43 CEST 2005

for the font size, use fix-cm and then 

As for the design, you may be better of by using eso-pic to place graphics 
in the background. You could even use it to place the text on the title 
page, just remember there has to be some thing (perhaps just a ~) on the 
page for it to be shiped out.

The internal syntax for the eso-pic makros are just picture macros.



% \pagecolor{BurntOrange}


  {some text here}}}
\put(0,17.5){{\Huge\textbf{\ldots \ldots}}}
\put(0,16.5){{\large\textbf{some more text here}}}

%\put(0,10){\colorbox{Blue}{\Huge {more text}}}
%\put(0,9){\colorbox{Blue}{\huge {and yet more text}}}
% these two lines work, but not edge to edge for the blue background.

\put(0,10){\Huge {more text}}
\put(0,9){\huge {more text}}

\put(0,5){\Large{more text}}
\put(0,3){\large{and yet more text}}

more text




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