[texhax] results of TUG 2005 election

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Thu Jun 9 02:29:22 CEST 2005

The deadline has come, the ballots have been counted,
and the results are in.

Karl Berry has been elected TUG president for the term that
ends with the 2007 annual meeting.

The following votes were counted:
   Karl Berry, 183
   Lance Carnes, 177
Both candidates made a good showing, although the total
number of voters was only a third of those eligible.

Of 1080 members as of the ballot closing date (May 17),
360 valid ballots were received.  Ten ballots postmarked
after the closing date, and three received with no return
address were not opened or counted.  (Although there may
be a concern for privacy, the return address is the only
way to tell that a ballot is coming from an eligible
member.  The count was made by a teller with no stake
in the outcome, who was supplied with a list of eligible
voters; every envelope was checked against this list
before the envelopes were opened, and care was taken to
make sure that only the envelope with the latest postmark
was processed from any one voter.)

As previously announced, the number of candidates for
open board positions was fewer than positions, so these
board candidates were declared duly elected for a term
ending with the 2009 annual meeting: Steve Grathwohl,
Jim Hefferon, Klaus Hoeppner, Ross Moore, Arthur Ogawa,
Steve Peter and David Walden.  Continuing board members
with terms ending in 2007, are: Barbara Beeton, Kaja
Christiansen, Susan DeMeritt, Cheryl Ponchin, Sam Rhoads
and Philip Taylor.

This is the first contested election since 1991.
Thanks to everyone for their participation.

Barbara Beeton for the Elections Committee

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