[texhax] Movie15 package and Adobe Reader 7 on Linux

Dieter Meinert DMeinert at RosenInspection.net
Wed Jun 1 14:40:41 CEST 2005

Hi all,
My apologies since this is not a directly TeX-related question but I
find the correct keywords for either Adobes website nor google.

I'm using the movie15 package for inline videos in a presentation
created with pdflatex.
When viewed with Adobe reader 7 on Windows it works fine. But when I try
Show it on a linux box, also with Adobe reader 7, I can't get the movies
to work:

"The plug-in required by this 'Rendition' action is not available.
 Information about the missing plug-in may be available from Adobe's
 Web site" 

To me there is no information available from the Web site. Could anyone
point me to the correct site to get the necessary plug-ins (in this case
for MP3
and MP$ streams, but I guess other formats will also become necessary) ?

BTW. I have correct players for those video streams, only adobe reader
unable to use them.
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