[texhax] math symbols in makeindex

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Mon Jul 25 20:28:12 CEST 2005

Zbigniew Nitecki :

> Using the MakeIndex package to create an index, I wanted to have an entry, as 
> if it were an ordinary R, but printed as a blackboard bold R.  The following 
> indexing entry in the text
>    \index{R@$\mathbb{R}$}
> (following the rules on p. 652 of the Latex Companion, 2nd ed.) was rejected. 
> Here is the
> entry from the ilg file:
>    !! Input index error (file = Calculus.idx, line = 32):
>   -- Extra `@' at position 5 of first argument.
> The line referred to in the idx file is
>    \indexentry{R@$\@mathbb {R}$}{17}
> So the program itself seems to add an extra @, which creates an error.  How 
> do I avoid the
> problem?


test \index{R@$\mathbb{R}$}



works just fine for me, are there something you're not telling us?



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