[texhax] critical edition of texts

Marouane Ben Miled marouane.benmiled at fss.rnu.tn
Fri Jul 22 16:37:32 CEST 2005

to edit (critical editions) with arabic typesetting and french parallel 
translation, I'm using
ledmac (for the edition), ledpar (for parallel translation), arabtex 
(for the arab), ledarab (to interface between arabtex and the others).
I have two difficulties:
1/ Critical arabic notes (written from right to left) aren't right 
adjusted. And the notes are ordered from left to right (its even written 
in the ledarab documentation).
We should have, from right to left: line numbers + texts :
------------------------------  %page
|                                    |
|                                    |
|                     _______ | %separation line
|          <text> : number | %line numbers and  textnotes

But we obtain, from left to right: line numbers on the left + text

------------------------------  %page
|                                    |
|                                    |
| _______                     | %separation line
| number : <text>          | %line number and textnotes

2/  the other problm is that all the notes of the arabic text (more than 
one page in the output) are on the first page. We don't have this 
problem when both the texts (the edited one with its translation) are in 
latin characters (left to right).

Thank you if you could help me
Marouane Ben Miled

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