[texhax] MEMOIR: Mid-document changes in textwidth extending over a multiple page bibliography

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Fri Jul 22 16:37:41 CEST 2005

Tomas Svensson :

> Dear All,
> At our department we use the documentclass memoir to generate two-page
> doctoral thesis, compendiums etc. We use margin notes for small figures. The
> layout dimensions are set using (among other commands):
> \settypeblocksize{*}{10.1cm}{*}
> \setmarginnotes{0.5cm}{4.5cm}{0.5cm}
> When it is time for the bibliography, it would however be nice to skip the
> marginal - that is, to increase the \textwidth by (\marginparwidth +
> \marginparsep). This may be done using the environment adjustwidth*. BUT,
> that only works if the bibliography does not exceed one page, and it is not
> rare with bibliographies consisting of over 100 references...
> We attach a five page pdf example where the first page gives you an idea of
> the main layout. The following pages present the bibliography without
> modifications and using adjustwidth*.
> The bibliography is generated using \bibliography
> Any ideas on how to solve these problems are appreciated!

The basic problem is that adjustwidth's only work properly when they are 
no longer than one page.

adjustwidth is made using a list, which initializes the margins at the 
meginning of the environment, and those margins does not change within the 
adjustwidth environment.

There was a thread about this on comp.text.tex some time ago, but I do not 
know whether the Poster there actually found a solution to his problem.

It is an interesting problem, but I have no idea on how to solve it.

A very bad solution would be to create a new bibliography environment 
which placed each item inside its own adjustwidth* environment and one 
took mesures such that there would be no page breaks inside a given item.



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