[texhax] MEMOIR: Mid-document changes in textwidth extending over a multiple page bibliography

Tomas Svensson tomas.svensson at fysik.lth.se
Fri Jul 22 14:09:39 CEST 2005

Dear All,

At our department we use the documentclass memoir to generate two-page
doctoral thesis, compendiums etc. We use margin notes for small figures. The
layout dimensions are set using (among other commands):


When it is time for the bibliography, it would however be nice to skip the
marginal - that is, to increase the \textwidth by (\marginparwidth +
\marginparsep). This may be done using the environment adjustwidth*. BUT,
that only works if the bibliography does not exceed one page, and it is not
rare with bibliographies consisting of over 100 references...

We attach a five page pdf example where the first page gives you an idea of
the main layout. The following pages present the bibliography without
modifications and using adjustwidth*.

The bibliography is generated using \bibliography

Any ideas on how to solve these problems are appreciated!

Kind regards,

Tomas Svensson
Christoffer Abrahamsson

Atomic Physics
Lund Institute of Technology
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