[texhax] Fraktur Charcaters

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Mon Jul 4 21:27:52 CEST 2005

At 23:17 02.07.05, Patrick Browne wrote:
>Hi i own a fully registered version of WinEdt that i
>am currently using to write my PHd in Lie Theory in
>Mathematics,However i have not been able to write
>Fraktur characters (see attached file).
>I am not very experienced with computers and LaTeX so
>if there is any package to install or work with WinEdt
>to  do could you please provide instruction on how to.

eufrak package from the AMS-Math distribution.
I expect that some accompanying documentation
and/or the TeX FAQ (link below) explain how to get
the required font files. I think this has nothing to do
with WinEdt.

I cannot see that your attached Fraktur.png demonstrates
that you are unable to do something. However, it
demonstrates that you you use oldgerm. I think this
is bad for math. oldgerm is mainly a LaTeX implementation
of certain traditional font shapes, made for some typographic
fun or so, while for math fraktur some "ordinary" shape is
appropriate. The reader should not be distracted from the
content by admiring those wonderful fraktur characters.
Moreover, the oldgerm fonts have many ligatures, which
are entirely useless for math.

-- Uwe. 

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