[texhax] Times New Roman font

Brian Jasper jasper at cpsys.demon.co.uk
Sun Dec 18 21:13:00 CET 2005

Dear sir,

I have a question relating to the "Times New Roman" (TNR) font type.

Can you tell me where I can find out what TNR looked like before 
Microsoft introduced their version in 1992. My understanding is that TNR 
(Monotype corp), after its introduction in 1933, looked identical to the 
"Times Roman" (TR) font from Linotype, since Linotype made the typeset 
machines for the Times Newspaper. However, when Apple Inc, adopted TR in 
the late 80's, did they preserve the exact identity of the original.

To give an example, the modern TR capital "C", has a downward pointing 
serf at the top right of the C which has a vertical face. On the modern 
TNR font used in Microsoft Word, this serf is sloping forward.

Therefore, my question is, what did TNR look like pre 1992 before 
Microsoft released their version?

If you are unable to answer this question, then I would be grateful if 
advise me who I might contact to gain an answer.

Regards - Brian Jasper

West Sussex

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