[texhax] Re: Dirty lines when printing pdf

Vittorio v.demartino2 at virgilio.it
Wed Sep 29 00:10:17 CEST 2004

On Tuesday 28 September 2004 17:03, Stephane Fombonne wrote:
> Thanks to all, guys.
> I applied Morten's advice on updmap,and now it prints ok.
> I even tried the euro font, which cause me the problem all the time.
> Strange that Vittorio was OK with this (same OS, with apt-get Latex stuff)
> : did you tune this updmap thing, or run all by default ?
> I really appreciated your feedback (btw I'm using Sarge Debian with CUPS,
> and my printer is an Epson480..)
> Bye!
> +++ Stephane Fombonne [27/09/04 20:07 +0200]:

Well, as a matter of fact when updating my latex installation via apt-get 
update and apt-get upgrade a mistake popped up while the system was running 
initex saying that there was something wrong with the lambda & omega formats 
and preventing the installation of tetex-bin and tetex-extra. Therefore I 
manually corrected the /etc/texmf/fmt.d/00tetex.cnf commenting out both 
formats. Then I smoothly ran apt-get install -f and it was all ok.


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