[texhax] Re: Dirty lines when printing pdf

Stephane Fombonne s.fombonne at laposte.net
Tue Sep 28 18:03:22 CEST 2004

Thanks to all, guys.
I applied Morten's advice on updmap,and now it prints ok.
I even tried the euro font, which cause me the problem all the time.
Strange that Vittorio was OK with this (same OS, with apt-get Latex stuff) : did you tune this updmap thing, or
run all by default ?

I really appreciated your feedback (btw I'm using Sarge Debian with CUPS, and
my printer is an Epson480..)


+++ Stephane Fombonne [27/09/04 20:07 +0200]:
> I'm using Latex on Debian (standard Sarge install), and everything run fines
> after compiling with pdflatex except the following: I have a neat pdf look
> when I view it with a pdf-reader. However, the printed output contains
> several lines that are a bold and blurr (dirty feeling). They appear here and
> there, though not very often.
> Did you experience such a failure mode ? What's wrong with the preamble ?  I
> really can't find a way yo solve this problem.
> Thanks for you help!
> NB: my preamble is this:
> \documentclass[10pt]{article}     
> \usepackage[T1]{fontenc}
> \usepackage[latin1]{inputenc}
> \usepackage{times}
> \usepackage[frenchb]{babel}
> \usepackage{geometry}
> \geometry{hmargin=3.0cm,vmargin=1.5cm}
> Stephane.
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