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msaghafi msaghafi at ualberta.ca
Tue Sep 28 09:51:55 CEST 2004

Hi fellows. I want to sign out from TUG what should I do?

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>a better question is, what exactly is the name of your bibtex file.  and
>also, how do you call it in your .tex file?  are you running some sort of
>script to call bibtex?  and what does your bibtex file look like,
>especially the beginning?
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>On Mon, 27 Sep 2004, Karl Berry wrote:
>>     $ bibtex report
>>     bibtex: Need exactly one file argument.
>> This is utterly bizarre.
>> Do you have an alias or shell script masking the bibtex binary?  Do
>> "type bibtex" (I guess you're using bash from the prompt) to make sure
>> you're invoking what you seem to be.  Or specify the
>> /full/path/to/bibtex report.  Finally, does bibtex --help print a help
>> message?
>> Mysteriously yours,
>> karl
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