[texhax] Graphs from Excel into LaTeX

Albert Kapune akapune at gmx.de
Wed Sep 22 13:35:01 CEST 2004

Philip G. Ratcliffe schrieb:

> Since M$ programmes almost never "export" kosher postscript files, your best
> bet is probably to set up a printer that outputs pdf to a file (you can do
> this following the fairly simle instructions provided by ghostscript (look
> under redmon on their web page) and creating a redirected port.  The pdf
> file created should then be of good quality and will import into LaTeX files
> easily if (and only if) you are using pdflatex (as you presumably are).

I can affirm Philip's suggestion. I have written a step-by-step tutorial
how to set up GS and Redmon to produce PDF files. It can be found on
Unfortunately (for you? <g>) it has been written in German.

If you want to produce EPS files from your Excel graphics I would
recommend to install a postscript printer (e. g. »Apple Color
LaserWriter« from your Windows CD or from Adobe and connect it to
»FILE«. In the printer settings (sorry for the German terms) choose
Druckeinstellungen... -> Layout -> Erweitert... -> Dokumentoptionen ->
Postscript-Optionen -> Postscript-Ausgabeoption and there the setting
»Eingekapselter Postscript (EPS)«. Then »print» your graphic from Excel
to this printer – you'll get an EPS file.

I produced lots of high-quality EPS graphics from Word or Excel for
subsequent use in LaTeX this way.


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