[texhax] \AA not working properly

Peter Kreynin bug at mail.ru
Sun Sep 19 00:09:29 CEST 2004

Dear All,
this is probably mostly aimed at Russian TeX users, but if anyone else has any suggestions I will be glad to listen.

The problem is that I am using PSCyr package to get vector cyrillic fonts and after I have installed it I am having troubles getting \AA properly. I have used PSCyr before on another computer (and it worked fine with the \AA), but the CD is gone now and I used miktex.org installer and then added PSCyr manually.

What I see is the circle coming first and then A as a result. I.e. something like oA (where o is a proper little circle at a reasonable height). The interesting thing is that \r{A} works the same way (oA), but \r{B}, \r{C} etc produce everything properly (the circle is above the letter). What is wrong? Has anyone seen this?

Without PSCyr everything is fine, but the fonts are raster...

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