[texhax] Help with the development of new math symbols and a learning system

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Thu Sep 16 23:36:49 CEST 2004

I have developed a new math learning system.  A brief description follows.  More info available at website http://funforms.com or I will send you the complete description by emailat your request. 

BENEFITS OF FUNFORMS: Funforms are basically binary in design (although a trinary system also exists).  The idea of place order is preserved, but coefficients are unnecessary except transiently during manipulation.  The meaning of the number is obvious to anyone with passing familiarity.  That is to say that the formulae are iconic or ideographic.  

Most importantly, as the user applies Funforms, mathematical operations become transparent, and understanding of the nature of the mathematical transaction becomes apparent to the user.  

Funforms operate mechanically, somewhat like an abacus or a slide rule.

We believe that Funforms can be taught to preschoolers as a game.  It may have advantages in teaching mathematical concepts to children and adults with learning disabilities for math. 

Joel S. Steinberg
joxl at iname.com
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