[texhax] redefinition of \= does not get into footnotes

Alexandru Scorpan ascorpan at math.ufl.edu
Fri Sep 10 12:20:29 CEST 2004

>> It doesn't seem to work yet.  First I put your lines of code in my 
>> preamble, but LaTeX was complaining about ``missing 
>> \begin{document}''.   Then surrounded it by \AtBeginDocument (in my 
>> .sty file), but got ``missing $ inserted''.  I guess \@aciii likes to 
>> be text, not \mathbin{\,=\,}...
> Do this:
> \makeatletter
> \renewcommand*\@acciii{=}
> \renewcommand*\={\@acciii}
> \makeatother

The point of my maneuver was to add some extra space around =, so I 
tried \renewcommand*\@aciii{\mathbin{\,=\,}} instead, but got ``missing 
$ inserted''.  Tried your version, same error.

I guess I should stick to my crappy hack, going wth


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