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Randolph J. Herber herber at dcdrjh.fnal.gov
Thu Sep 9 00:25:10 CEST 2004

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>On Wednesday, September 8, 2004, at 10:58  AM, M Senthil Kumar wrote:

>> <SNIP>
>>>   for file in filelist.txt; do rubber-pipe < $file > $file.ps; done

>>> However, I don't think you can avoid the fork()/exec(), LaTeX is not
>>> a batch
>>> processor I think.

>>>   mvrgr, Wouter
>> </SNIP>

>> Hi,
>> Pardon me if i am wrong, can't we use the following to achieve the same
>> thing from any Unix command line ?

>> $ for i in *.tex;do latex $i;done

>The original query included:
>> We are in need of an enhancement to the LaTeX command-line so that it
>> will read a list of tex filenames from either STDIN or disk and, for
>> each filename in the list, create a DVI file without forking and
>> execing each time.

>As I understand it, for each file in the command above, there'll be an
>instance of loading a tex process into memory, processing a file, then
>unloading tex to repeat---it's this which the OP wants to avoid. It
>adds up to quite a bit of overhead for 80,000 iterations.

	Not as much as you might think.

herber at ncdf107 herber$ date
Wed Sep  8 17:20:12 CDT 2004
herber at ncdf107 herber$ i=0
herber at ncdf107 herber$ while [ $i -lt 10000 ]; do i=$(expr $i + 1); done
Wed Sep  8 17:20:45 CDT 2004

	I lost one or two seconds after the first data command
	doing command recall to restart and run the loop.  But,
	even including that time, it took 33 seconds on a 930
	Pentium ||| with 0.5GiB on memory.

	The file buffer cache acts as a dynamic RAM disk and the
	Virtual Memory Manager will try to recover code and static
	data pages.

>I think the development done on dvichop for instant preview in auctex
>(David Kastrup's project --- not 100% sure on the name) might be used
>for this.


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